Varga Endeavors is proud to be family owned and operated. 

Meet The Team

Efraim Varga

Efraim Varga comes from a family of builders that goes back generations. For the last sixteen years Efraim has concentrated on residential and commercial building and investing, first in California, and for the last five years in his adopted city of San Antonio.  He is the founder of Varga Endeavors, LLC which currently has numerous projects in development including 55 units of two and three bedroom urban homes that include The Park at Lonestar, Sunglo Urban Homes and Lotus Urban Homes. In additional, Efraim is co-founder and managing partner of Collaborative Homes LLC and New Horizon LLC, both concentrating on revitalizing urban homes in the downtown San Antonio districts, where he has been a top investor in the Lavaca and King William neighborhood winning multiple awards from Build San Antonio Green for innovation and excellence.

Eszter Varga

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David Varga


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